A Buddhist Community in the Poconos

Jinyin Temple is a Buddhist temple dedicated to promote world peace and spiritual development by embodying and communicating the teachings of the Buddha. We support social actions and ideas motivated by Buddhist values to resist wars, stop violence, protect the environment, and end poverty. We believe that through training and practices, one may find freedom of mind and heart, deepen wisdom, and manifest compassion.

Jinyin Temple was established in 2017 to facilitate international exchange and foster understanding across traditions through inter-religious dialogue, and is the first Sino Esoteric Buddhist temple in the United States.

As the temple has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic and will remain closed to the public until an undetermined future date, we are now offering 2-3 meditation classes every week and an online chanting service every Saturday to communicate Buddhist teachings. All are welcome to join!



Let the boundless love of our hearts spread to every corner of the world. May there be no more hatred or hostility. May all living beings rejoice in the good will that has been brought forth by the love we share.


Our Guru

The Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei is a Mahasiddha who has devoted his whole life to Buddha-Dharma and has dedicated all his virtue, wisdom, compassion and merit to all sentient beings for their awakening. He vows to liberate sentient beings by guiding them to realize the pure bodhicitta, an aspiration for enlightenment for the sake of all beings, practice diligently the six paramitas in everyday life to end the suffering of samsara, andattainthe perfect enlightenment.

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Giving to Jinyin Temple

Jinyin Temple is run entirely through the compassion and kindness of volunteers and our members. If you would like to practice giving and support the temple, please give to our cause and become a one-time or monthly donor.


Meditations on Zoom

Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday

Sit with us to connect and share, find inner peace, heal, cultivate spiritual growth, restore mental clarity, practice mindfulness & concentration, and explore consciousness

Magnified Grass

What is Sino Esoteric Buddhism?

Sino Esoteric Buddhism was introduced into China by Buddhist masters Śubhakarasiṃha, Vajrabodhi, Amoghavajra and others from India to China during the Tang Dynasty. After that it gradually grew into the Esoteric School in China, thus it is called Tangmi (唐密) in Chinese (Táng: dynasty name; mì: esoteric). Tangmi is fundamentally a lineage-based religion. Depending on the state of religious tolerance in China, Sino Esoteric Buddhism has existed uninterrupted either in secret, or in public, since the 8th century.