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Our Vision, Mission, and Inclusion Statements



Let the boundless love of our hearts spread to every corner of the world. May there be no more hatred or hostility. May all living beings rejoice in the good will that has been brought forth by the love we share.



At Jinyin Temple, we strive to promote world peace and spiritual development by embodying and communicating the teachings of the Buddha: find freedom of mind and heart; deepen wisdom and manifest compassion through training and practice; facilitate international exchange and foster understanding across traditions through inter-religious dialogues; and support social actions that resist wars, stop violence, protect the environment, and end poverty. We strive to embody what we hope to see — a just, loving world — and to love and serve humanity. 



We cultivate an environment of purposeful inclusion, respect, harmony, and boundless compassion where all sentient beings are valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with others. We respect and cherish the diversity of humanity which includes differences in sex, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, financial means, education, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and political perspective. We believe that the universe is an organic whole, and we are all one and fundamentally connected. We welcome and value all who come here with sincere and heartfelt compassion.

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