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Update: May 10, 2024


We are open through November 2024.

We look forward to continuing to have you all and sharing the joy of practicing together. Please keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more specific updates on our programs and events.  Thank you for your continued support.

Please read our VISITOR GUIDELINES before visiting.

Opening Hours: 

Indoor Pray Hall: Every Sunday, 11am - 12pm, ET

Outdoor Altar Grounds and Meditation Gardens: Everyday, 9am - 5pm, ET

Currently Offering:

 - Weekly Online Meditations

 - Individual counseling upon request

 - Dharma Service upon request

 - Golden Sound Study Group

 - Monthly Dharma Service (blessing rituals & gathering)

Notice: Visitors enter Jinyin Temple at their own risk. Jinyin Temple accepts no liability for injury or damage to personal property. 

Visitor Guidelines

We look forward to welcoming you to Jinyin Temple on the days we are open! We are a Sino Esoteric Buddhist sangha in the Poconos and a world peace center. A review of our visitor guidelines and regulations below can help orient you before you arrive and ensure you get the most out of your experience at Jinyin Temple. By visiting the Temple, you agree to abide by these policies. Please make sure to plan ahead for your visit.


Temple Entry and Hours

  • Our indoor prayer hall is still closed to the public*, but you are welcome to visit and take a walk around the outdoor meditation park and garden between 9am - 5pm. 

  • If you would like to participate in our ceremonies, please contact us by submitting your request via the contact form on our website.

  • The Temple asks visitors to enter Jinyin Temple via Milford Road/Route 209 entrance. Parking is not available during closed hours. Parking is not allowed in front of or next to the Medicine Buddha altar. 

  • Weapons and hazardous materials are not permitted in the Temple. The Temple reserves the right to refuse entry to any visitor carrying a prohibited item.

*unless favorable conditions arise

While at the Temple

We want everyone to enjoy their time within the Temple’s properties. In order for us to create the best possible environment, we need your cooperation with the following:

  • The Temple is a green temple so please be mindful of your impact.

  • Remove your hat and shoes upon entering the indoor main prayer hall. 

  • Never touch or climb on a Buddha statue or the raised platform. 

  • Never touch ritual items or instruments unless with permission from our dharmacharyas.

  • Get permission before taking photographs inside of the Prayer Hall and never do so during rituals or meditations.

  • Wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Examples of items that you should not wear at the Temple: slip and tank tops, mini dresses, skirts, and shorts, flip-flops, deep cleavage.

  • Remove headphones, lower your voice, avoid inappropriate conversations, put phones on silent mode upon entry since you are entering an consecrated space where practitioners commune with the sacred.

  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, are not allowed in the Temple or near the entrances.

  • Conduct that poses any risk to other visitors or to the sangha members or Temple’s properties is prohibited.

  • The unauthorized playing of music and video, unauthorized theater performances, and sound amplification and noisemakers are prohibited in the Temple (except for assistive-listening devices).

  • Charitable solicitations, leafleting, signature gathering, picketing, and press conferences by visitors are prohibited.

  • Swimming and fishing are not permitted in the life releasing pond at the Temple.

  • Destruction or removal of vegetation and other resources including animals, is prohibited. 

  • Please note that visitors to Jinyin Temple’s in-person events may be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded. By visiting, visitors grant the Temple permission to use photographs and/or audiovisual recordings in which visitors appear for archival, documentary, publicity, advertising, or other purposes.

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