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Become A Tangmi Practitioner

Chinese Vajrayana Buddhism is called tang mi 唐密, or Sino Esoteric Buddhism. 


We believe that all beings possess buddha nature; living the monastic way is not a precondition for awakening. The view that monks and nuns were able to progress further because they devoted their lives without the worldly distractions and temptations is viewed differently by Vajrayana practitioners. For us, all moments of this lifetime, while we are moving, staying still, sitting, or lying down, are meant for self-cultivation, no matter where we are. It is from the “poisons” where we transform our lessons with them into wisdom. Where there is resistance is where it needs work. This is the motto of Jinyin Temple and the lineage of Sino Esoteric Buddhism.  

Throughout 2019 and 2020, we have witnessed how certain modes of living in the current world might need modification. For example, public-facing workers without mindfulness or compassion training have been experiencing stress and insecurity more than ever before, while people who propagate and live the life of mindfulness stay in their own protected environment. With the current world, we all need to have the appropriate response to be deeply grounded and to be of service to others and the world with our ethics and our motivation engaged and aligned. 

We cultivate an environment of purposeful inclusion, respect, harmony, and boundless compassion where all sentient beings are valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with others and to better oneself. Check here for Our Vision, Mission, and Inclusion Statements.

If you would like to join our path and become a Tangmi practitioner and member of our sangha, here are the initial steps: 


  • Request A Meeting with Us 

Send us a message via the contact form on our site, with the subject line “Become A Tangmi Practitioner.” 

  • Video/In-Person Meeting

Use this opportunity to ask questions about us and tell us about yourself.

  • Schedule A Date for Refuge Ceremony

This is the refuge ceremony to officially become a buddhist and a member of Jinyin Temple. Members will train under teachers who are disciples of the Vajra Master, until they meet the qualifications to become a direct disciple of the Vajra Master. During the ceremony, you will repeat the vows to take refuge in the Guru, the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha to request for the support and instructions from the Temple and to acknowledge the commitment between you and our lineage to follow our teachings, deepen your study, and dedicate yourself to practice. Your vow would be confirmed by receiving the blessing of water. You will receive a Dharma name after the ceremony. 

  • Dharma Teacher Designation 

While the sangha is your family after the Refuge Ceremony, you are assigned to be an official student of one of our disciples to study the prerequisites for all disciples. We understand that each student came from a unique background with different spiritual goals . The best way to guide our students on their spiritual journey is through mentorship and personalized teachings and instructions. 


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