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Caring for Animals


Here at Jinyin Temple, we treat our guardian animals like family. 

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By sponsoring our guardian animals, you will be directly contributing to the overall health and happiness of them. Proceeds will be distributed among food, shelter, veterinary care, farm upkeep, grooming and shearing, training, and the general everyday needs of the guardian friends.


If you would like to SPONSOR our animals, please make a one-time or recurring donation using our donation form.

Adoption Invitation APRIL 2021: 

Newborn Chicks at the Temple

In the practice of Mahāyāna Buddhism, the Six Pāramitā, or the Six Transcendent Perfections, is an essential concept. They form the guidelines for the entire code of conduct for Bodhisattvas. Here, 'Transcendental' does not refer to some external reality, but rather to the way in which we conduct our lives and perceive the world—either in an egocentric or a non-egocentric way. The six pāramitā guides the way of life concerning the effort to step out of the egocentric mentality.


Generosity (Dāna)

Morality (Sīla)

Forbearance (Khanti)

Effort (Variya)

Contemplation (Bhāvanā)

Wisdom (Paññā) 



It takes a compassionate heart to adopt an animal or contribute to the long term care of our guardian animals, and for that we are grateful. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

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