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Triple Wisdom : Hearing, Contemplating, and Practicing  

At Golden Sound Study Group

Winter 2023 - Spring 2024

As part of the Temple’s online programs, our Sunday online study group is now open to all who wish to learn more about Buddhism and Vajrayana. This is a space where we share meditation methods and experiences, and exchange thoughts on a piece of assigned reading. The study group serves to provide a form of learning that supports and guides Buddhist practitioners who lead a secular life, following the three stages of learning in the Buddhist path: hearing, contemplating, and practicing. 


This three-stage learning instructs that we, as students on the path seeking ultimate liberation, begin by hearing the teachings and developing from this an attitude of openness and intellectual understanding of the Dharma. We then contemplate on the intellectual knowledge we absorb so that it can be understood more thoroughly and applied to everyday life. Finally, we practice by meditating on the truths that were studied and contemplated so that truths can be experienced directly. In this way we can finally come to identify with and embody the truths, truly attaining wisdom through our higher consciousness. 


“The Buddhadharma is not verbal theory, but an actual practice. Without being put into practice, the inherited knowledge becomes only theory and empty talk. It is only the inheritance of Buddhist culture, but not the inheritance of Dharma. Learning Buddhism is all about hearing, contemplating, and practicing. This is the right understanding and right view. If we hear but not contemplate or practice, how can we achieve right enlightenment? If we practice without hearing or contemplating, how can we truly understand the truth? Hearing, contemplating, and practicing, none can be neglected.” 


— Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei


The method “Hearing, Contemplating, and Practicing” for learning Dharma is an important tool leading to the perfection of merits. It serves to empower our spiritual cultivation so eventually we are able to let our thoughts, speech, and actions embody the Buddhadharma. 


If you would like to join Jinyin Temple’s Golden Sound Study Group to study and practice Buddhism, please send us a message via the contact form on our site or directly to, with the subject line “Golden Sound Study Group” in order to receive the Zoom link for the meeting and reading material for the week. 



2023-2024 Winter/Spring Program begins on December 3, Sunday, from 10am to 12pm ET. 

Last meeting: April 28, 2024, Sunday, from 10am to 12pm ET



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We look forward to being together with you online to share Dharma, accumulate wisdom, practice compassion, and express love. May your journey be filled with peace and profound insights.

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