Monthly Gathering

Community is our purpose, and it is our honor to hold space for the topics, conversations, and practices that matter most to our Dharma practitioners, friends, and neighbors.  
Below are the dates and registration links for monthly in-person gatherings throughout 2021 before we fully reopen on an undetermined future date. For each meeting, we offer a meditation session covering Tangmi Inner Yoga (standing meditation), sitting meditative practice, and mantra chanting. Please wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in for these activities. 
Our sangha (disciples, lay practitioners, trees, air, animals, meditation cushions, shrines, and many more) welcome and value all who come here with a sincere and heartfelt compassion. We look forward to being together with you ONLINE to share dharma, practice compassion, and express love.  

Jinyin Temple is run entirely through the compassion and kindness of volunteers and our members. If you would like to practice giving and support the temple, give to our cause and donate here.


To see how to get to Jinyin Temple and our visitor guidelines, click here.

Ankele Yekesuo!

2021 In-Person Gathering Schedule

Registration will be open two weeks before the day of the event 

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September 11th, SAT, 2:00PM - 4:00PM EST
20th Anniversary of 9/11, Vajra Master’s Visit to the US, Rebirth Meditation, Practices of Compassion & Loving-Kindness, Great Compassion Heart Mantra, and More