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What Is an Asura?

In Hinduism and Buddhism, an Asura refers to a group of beings or deities that are often depicted as powerful, supernatural beings. The term "Asura" is derived from Sanskrit and can be translated as "mighty," "powerful," or "lord."

In Hindu mythology, Asuras are considered to be a class of divine beings who are often portrayed as adversaries or rivals of the gods, known as Devas. Asuras are associated with qualities such as ambition, passion, and sometimes even with negative traits like jealousy and pride. They are known for their fierce nature and are often depicted engaging in battles or conflicts with the Devas.

In Buddhism, the concept of Asuras varies slightly. They are also seen as powerful beings, but they are trapped in a realm known as the Asura Realm, which is considered to be one of the six realms of existence in Buddhist cosmology. Asuras in Buddhism are characterized by their constant struggle, aggression, and dissatisfaction. They are said to be consumed by jealousy and rivalry, which keeps them trapped in a cycle of suffering.

Overall, whether in Hinduism or Buddhism, the depiction and interpretation of Asuras may vary, but they generally represent a distinct class of beings associated with power, struggle, and a particular set of characteristics.


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