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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Dear Friends and Members of Jinyin Temple,

We hope that you and your families are healthy and safe during these challenging times. For this new lunar year, may good health and harmony abide everywhere!

Two years ago on February 16th, the 2019 Spring World Peace Prayer Ceremony was held at Jinyin Temple. His Holiness the Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei of Sino Esoteric Buddhism presided over the ceremony. Religious and political leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars, and artists came together from different countries, including China, United States, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Canada, Italy, and Iceland to participate in the event. During the mandala mantra chanting, the Master performed a water purification ceremony to bless every guest and spread the Bodhi seed of wisdom. In comparison, February this year and last year seem much quieter at the Temple. However, although we are physically distanced, we are still connected with one another through technology, embracing and exploring the countless dimensions and layers of oneness of humanity.

Past, present, and future are the three ways we separate time. The past is chaotic, for there are many more possibilities in history whether or not they have taken place. The future is also part of the chaotic process which we can’t predict or control. However, at any given point in time, when we are passing through this lifetime, we are either planning the future or reminiscing about the past. Only a very small percentage of our brain is focused on the present. This keeps us from having an incredible experience — life.

According to Buddhism, the problem with the human mind is that our feelings and thoughts are no more than fleeting vibrations that change every moment, just like the ocean waves. Yet we tend to latch onto those pleasant feelings and constantly chase the “good waves,” while driving away the “bad waves.” Attachments are formed when the mind tries to create a permanent situation out of a temporary situation.

Impermanence is the inescapable truth, and when we forget or deny this simple but profound truth, we suffer. For the Daoists, the Way is the answer, and for the Buddhists, Nirvana is the ultimate goal. Whatever it is called, it liberates us from suffering and brings us peace and happiness.

Peace comes when we understand our mind and know ourselves. Happiness requires peace and is built by habits. Therefore, there is nothing more important than continuing the path of inner cultivation with diligence. The pursuit of peace and happiness is not about ascending to a higher realm, it is about descending from the mountaintop of peak ego. It is not about taking and consuming what is available, it is about giving and sharing what is available. Happiness/peace is simply not suffering, not desiring, not thinking too much about the past or the future, and fully embracing the present moment.

The universe follows unbroken karmic laws and a chain of cause and effect. We are all part of a chaotic process, surfing the chaotic waves, together.

We at Jinyin Temple are grateful for your support and we cherish the beautiful connections and exchanges of our humanity. We encourage you to be truthful to yourself, be pure with your intentions, have faith in the path and methods you have chosen, and be patient with the process. At the turn of season, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to you all:

May the warm sun, bright moon, and clear wind accompany you always!

May the Dharma and its compassionate energy protect and nourish you!

May the light of wisdom shine on you to find freedom of mind and heart!

May all sentient beings rejoice in the good will brought forth by the love we share!


Jinyin Temple


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