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Statues in Jinyin Temple

In Buddhist practice, statues and images serve as the physical representations or depictions of how Buddhas and deities appear in their physical form in our physical realm. They also serve as symbols and reminders of Dharma — Buddha’s teachings that lead sentient beings to the realization of the ultimate reality of phenomena and enlightenment. 

Buddhist devotional and contemplative practices are performed in the form of chanting mantra, praying, and practicing visualization in front of one or more Buddhist statues. In such practices, a Buddhist devotee would usually invoke or invite holy beings into the space, share one’s prayers, send one’s gratitude and reverence, and then dedicate the merit of one’s practice to all sentient beings. Such practices would usually result in a sense of inner peace and groundedness, which will in turn provide serenity and clarity to the practitioner’s mind and heart that leads them to the realization of higher wisdom and ultimate liberation. 


Prayer Hall


Mahāvairocana Altar


Medicine Buddha Altar & Meditation Garden


Mahāmāyūrī Altar

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