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Contributing to the Development of Jinyin Temple

“If with kindly generosity One merely has the wish to soothe The aching heads of other beings, Such merit knows no bounds.” — Shantideva

Through October this year, we are opening up the outdoor space at Jinyin Temple for visitors and volunteers to come and enjoy the fall fresh air! After a long summer, we now sense a shift in the air and prepare for what is to come. Fall is the time to acknowledge what we have accomplished up to this point this year and the changes that are happening. It is also a time to expand our hearts and our community to keep cultivating an environment of purposeful inclusion and boundless compassion. Our fall projects include much outdoor work. We are looking to beautify the property for the community with the community, and include the community in the development of the organization to understand the needs and offer services accordingly. The perceivable difference in the air and earth energy is a gift from this season of change which opens up our senses. The sun now shines through some yellowed trees. The last breath of all the fallen leaves, carried by gentle breezes, now infuses the air, scenting the soil. With cooler temperatures, we notice a drop in humidity levels as well. Being and working outdoors can be a great practice for all our sense organs and consciousness, and we want to share all the beautiful experiences that this season can offer with you. “If with kindly generosity, one merely has the wish to soothe the aching heads of other beings. Such merit knows no bounds.” Shantideva’s words on Giving (dāna) convey the teachings of generosity, openness and the capacity to embrace all of life with love and compassion. Dāna is the first perfection of the bodhisattva path and an essential Buddhist practice. It is the willingness to give and share. Such willingness arises in us when we understand the fundamental truth of the interrelatedness of all beings. When we truly see others as ourselves and ourselves as others, it becomes natural for us to contribute to each other’s well-being and happiness. We sincerely welcome you to join us on Volunteer Days this fall to be in union with the season and practice mindfulness in nature and in our community. Click Here to see more details on upcoming Volunteer Days.


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