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Incorporate Purification Into Your Spiritual Cultivation

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Introducing the

Sunday Purification Meditation

A Recurring Weekly Vajrasattva Meditation for Spirit Cleansing

Karma is the law of cause and effect. Nirvana is a state of enlightenment where one’s karmic causes and effects are completely exhausted.

Karma can be understood through dependent origination: if this exists, that exists; this arising, that arises; this ceasing, that ceases. The law of causality applies to each being’s physical actions as well as mind actions — thoughts and speech. It is the law of reality which has no timeline and is neutral itself. However, unrealized and unresolved negative past karma may repeat itself and greatly impede one’s spiritual cultivation, thus the importance of incorporating purification practices into our spiritual cultivation.

In Vajrayana traditions, Vajrasattva meditation is a type of purification practice that relies on visualization. Starting from this Sunday, October 24, we are offering a new recurring weekly group practice session — Sunday Purification Meditation. We welcome all who come for a guided purification practice to resolve our own negative karma by purifying our body, speech, and mind.

Beneficial and nourishing spiritual cultivation requires consistency in one’s determination and practices. It is important to not have unrealistic expectations during the process since expectations themselves will become extra obstacles that impede our cultivation. While we cannot purify ourselves overnight, what we can do is to trust the practice, drop the ego, and feel that in this life we will act as positively as possible, to feel that our life should be as beneficial to others as possible. If we can diligently follow the practice with ease, good results will manifest whether you expect them or not.


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